Planning and Design Review Committee

WCA’s all-volunteer Planning & Design Review Committee strives to implement the Waimea Design Plan, which was adopted by County Council Resolution 214 86 in 1986. The committee is advisory to the Hawai’i County Planning Department regarding planning proposals, development applications and building permits for all commercial and light industrial properties in Waimea that are required to follow the County’s Plan Approval process. This does not include single family detached residences, agricultural buildings, and permits for renovations. Expansions of existing buildings are within the area of review and input only if the Planning Director determines that the expansion will have a marked impact on the community.

WCA has worked with the County of Hawai’i Planning Department for now more than 30 years and is deeply grateful for the staff’s collaboration and willingness to engage in community input.

Over the years, many community residents have dedicated hundreds of hours to WCA’s Planning & Design Review Committee process — beginning in the early years with the late Francine Duncan, and including Ken Melrose, Roger Harris, Sherman Warner, Bob Hunter, David Gomes, the late Mike Luce and many more. We thank them and all who have sat thru long meetings and thoughtful discussions to make this community-driven process a meaningful contributor to the sense of place and beauty of Waimea. It’s not perfect, but Waimea is a better place to live, work and play, thanks to their dedicated gift of time and wisdom.

Committee Members

  • Patti Cook, President of WCA

  • Kurt Klimt, AIA

  • Dr. Billy Bergin

  • James Hustace