Brief Overview

WCA began in the early 1960s as the Waimea-Kawaihae Community Association, but in the early 1990s, the Kawaihae community had grown and opted to form their own organization.

WCA holds monthly Town Meetings – on the first Thursdays of each month from 5:15-7 p.m. – and usually at Waimea School Cafeteria. All are invited – there is no charge – but membership in the association is urged to support the modest costs required to support this all-volunteer organization with communications, website and other modest expenses. We thank Waimea Elementary and Middle School for hosting the monthly meeting location at no cost to the community.

WCA’s Annual Dues are $15/Individual; $25/Family. WCA is a 501(c)3 so dues are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Donations to WCA are always welcome.

Information about town meetings is posted on the website and Facebook in advance. There also is an ongoing community calendar of coming events posted on the website and eblasted to interested community members. All community events that are of community service, education and/or benefit may be included in the calendar. Information for the calendar should be emailed as soon as possible to:

WCA’s Planning & Design Review Committee is an advisory group organized and coordinated to advise the County Planning Department on implementing the Waimea Design Plan, which was adopted by County Council Resolution in 1986. For more information and a copy of the design plan, please see the website.

WCA also supports the volunteer committee that organizes the annual Waimea Christmas Twilight Parade. Everyone is invited to participate in the parade. For more information on this now five+-decade-long tradition, including rules and application process, please see the website.

Our Mission

  • To preserve, maintain, enhance and protect community values by embracing our diversity and sense of place;

  • To gather and present information and facilitate communication and discussion of issues affecting Waimea;

  • To promote open participation in the development of policies and legislation affecting Waimea;

  • To inform community members about how and where to make their voices heard, individually or collectively; and

  • To encourage new generations of leaders to continue Waimea’s tradition of community building and community service.



As with most things in Hawai’i, this new logo has a kaona – hidden or more subtle meanings.

The dark red color was chosen for the meaning of Waimea (red water).

The words WAIMEA and ASSOCIATION are very bold vintage style – reminding us of our rich paniolo heritage, and the word COMMUNITY is in a script to symbolize a continuous flow. The outline of an abstract cowboy hat brim holds our beloved pu’u above the word COMMUNITY.

The design was created by Monica Parker, who says, “Waimea is so special to me. Six generations of my family (both mom’s and dad’s side) were born and raised here. I could never live anywhere else.”

Event photography provided by Patti Cook, Nancy Carr Smith, and Johnathan Rawle

Banner photography provided by Alexandra Hustace